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The tasks at hand…

August 7, 2008

The last few months have been far more busy than I anticipated, and so I haven’t written as much as I desired. That’s going to change, and change pretty much now. I’ve made a commitment to do my best to complete some stories and get them sold.

To that end, I dug up some of my old work, and translated them from one word processor format to another, and found that I could really combine several of them into bigger and better stories. I think that will be a goal of mine for the remainder of the year.

I just finished watching the movie Wanted at the $1.50 theater with a friend, and although it wasn’t the best movie in the world, it inspired the ending of another story that I started about two months ago. So, right now, I have the first page, and the ending. I only have to write several hundred pages in between… ha ha ha ha!

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