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OU Filmmaker’s Guild & Me

September 26, 2010

As I think I’ve mentioned before, I’m enrolled at Oakland University in the Cinema Studies program. This past week, I went to this school year’s first meeting of the Filmmaker’s Guild. While I don’t know what the future may hold in any respect, I’m actually very glad I attended the meeting. At the very least, it encouraged me to write some more, which by the way I had already begun to do. But in this case, I started trying to come up with an idea for a script for a short film.

By the time I finished driving home, I had come up with at least a simple idea. I’m not going to go into it here, at least not until I see how things play out with the script & the Guild, but I’ve been enjoying the creation process as much as I have with a lot of my older stories. I feel free and all powerful, even if I don’t think I’m very good with dialog.

But you know what really feels good? Simple: to have others like your work, especially when all you’ve shown them is a quick draft. On Wednesday night, the same night that I attended the meeting, I wrote and emailed the first act of the script to the president of the Guild, and the next day he complimented me on it. The long time, writing as a form of art part of me doesn’t usually care if anyone likes my work, but the rest of me was just plain happy to hear that someone else thought it good too.

At this point, I’m still in the process of hashing out the story, but as of this moment, it’s up in a somewhat secret location for me and other members of the Guild to collaborate on.

Maybe I never stood a chance of breaking into the writing business as an author, but I suspect I stand a pretty good chance as a screenwriter… So far at least. I guess we’ll see how my screenwriting class and writing workshop go next semester.

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