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Playing the Field…

January 27, 2011

Currently, I’m enrolled in both a fiction writing workshop and a screenwriting class, and I’m enjoying the hell out of both. For my screenwriting project, I’ve chosen to write a detective story, which is a big departure for me. Normally, I’m very much in to science fiction or fantasy for my stories, not something realistic, and certainly not anything that takes place in the past like this little project.

Well, I liked the idea so much that I ended up writing a short story to flesh out the script for my fiction workshop. This successfully killed two birds with one stone. I get to figure things out, and get a good feel for how long my script is going to be, and I completed a homework assignment in one stroke. Brilliant!

Furthermore, it may also serve another purpose… I’ve been looking over the Barnes and Noble program that lets you sell your own stories in the Nook store, and I think that after I revise the story a bit more, and perhaps add more to it, that I’ll post it for sale. I’m not expecting that it’ll be a runaway best seller or anything, or even to bring me a steady flow of income, but a few extra dollars here and there would be nice.


The Job

January 13, 2011

Ok, what I’m going to post below is a scene, just a single scene, that I was tasked to write for the Fiction Writing class I’m currently taking. There’s no more to this story than what’s below, but I had a bit of fun writing it, and the people in my workshop group loved it. So, I’m sharing it with the world. The title is simply “The Job.”

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