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2013 A New World

December 31, 2012

Hi folks!
I’m here for the obligatory end of year post that recaps the readily available posts I’ve made here and elsewhere. While 2012 was far from a bust for me, I only accomplished one of my goals for the year, though I confess it was a big one. (I finally graduated from college.) My other goal was to sell a story or screenplay, and I made efforts towards it, but even now I still don’t know the outcome.

As I mentioned before, I submitted some stories to some magazines on October 19th, but as of this last evening of the year, the submission status on each that I submitted through Submittable is still “in-progress.” At this point, I’m reasonably confident of my stories’ chances; this has been a long time in which a summary dismissal could have come down. Likewise, it seems to imply that these pieces are undergoing some serious scrutiny, which in its own way is a positive result.

Although I trust my friends and family to be honest with me, I frequently have doubts about the quality of my work. Just because those close to me like it doesn’t mean that it’s actually good. But that doesn’t mean I should dismiss their opinions either! I have problems with positive reinforcement; some say you can’t get enough, but I sometimes question that… I’ve been disappointed far too many times when I got my hopes up…

But that doesn’t mean I’m negative, I just prefer to approach things in a more pragmatic way. I still have my hopes and my dreams, I still want the best possible outcome of everything I do. I just refuse to be disappointed where I can avoid it. The surest way to disappointment is to not try. Yes, I may be disappointed if my stories don’t get published, but I will be disappointed if I don’t try! That seems to be the opposite of a pragmatic outlook but I don’t think, at its heart, that it is. It, like life, is complicated.

Nonetheless, this last week has had me putting in some more time working on stories. Even though I had hoped to continue doing a story a day, it hasn’t happened for various reasons, but I will be resuming the effort in the new year. As for the two stories I’ve worked on in the last week, one was written with the hopes of getting it published in a journal being published through my alma mater in March. The other is more an exploratory exposition to get to know some characters I want to use for something else. Both can and will probably lead to screenplays.

Wouldn’t it be great if next year at this time if I was sitting and waiting to hear whether my screenplays were going to be purchased?

Any way, be safe and sound this night, and I wish you all the best in the coming year!

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