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Busy Day

March 20, 2011

I’m taking a quick break to point out exactly how busy I am with writing today.
First and foremost, I’m closing in on completing the class length version of the ancient story I mentioned in a previous post. I got to touch on all the original plot points I wanted though I’ve now taken it in a new direction. Considering there’s a 10 page limit for class, I’m somewhat satisfied but I’m looking forward to letting the story run wild in the “for sale” version.
When I’m done with that, I’m going to be rewriting a script I offered to Oakland University’s Filmmakers’ Guild last semester. It turns out they’re interested in producing the short… While I’m not likely to be paid, I’ll be more than happy to put it on my resume! It’s possible that it could even lead to me needing to join the Writers’ Guild of America, which in turn would validate my career plans!
And finally, I just took a few minutes to write up a quick log line and synopsis to try to attract a collaborator for another script idea floating in my head. Sorry, you don’t get to hear about this one because I hope to pitch it someday. 🙂


Happy Thoughts

October 21, 2010

Last night I attended the second Filmmaker’s Guild meeting of the semester at Oakland University. At first I was skeptical of attending and even the point of the guild because although I had continued to work on the script I started last month, no one had commented on it, edited it, or anything else but me. So I began to doubt having any association with them while my grades continued to slip.

Well, I can’t say my grades can or will improve overnight or otherwise but I’m feeling good again about the guild. Last night, the guild president, Greg, put me on the spot to explain the script stating he really liked it. So I did briefly, and got a very strong positive response.

I don’t want to use anyone for any reason, especially not an ego boost, but I have to admit it felt good. The problem with being an introvert like myself is that it’s far too easy to doubt yourself, and self-esteem is much more difficult to build up than tear down.

Still, this is a step in the right direction. So today, despite all the work I have to do for school, I feel good.

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