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Broken Fingers

October 19, 2007

Welcome to Broken Fingers!

While I’m not sure yet where this blog will go, I wanted to create a place that I could share with the world my thoughts regarding writing, the writing industry, and most importantly, getting published. While I have a general purpose blog already, on my personal web site that I’ve written myself,  I wanted a place where I could just get my thoughts out, without having to worry about a lot of the ugly little details that my own web work sometimes requires. (There’s a fairly simple story behind this desire: When I first got interested in creative writing, I didn’t have a word processor or even understand what one was — I was 13! — so I started trying to invent something that would allow me to write my stories, and that lead me into programming, which lead to web programming, etc…) This is that place.

So, ultimately, this place, Broken Fingers, is about pure writing, without the programming aspects of my life. Hopefully, I’ll say a few things that catch your attention and possibly inspire you. If not, well, at least you can have some fun calling me an idiot. 🙂 Either way, my words will be here, and you can read them as you please.

Please feel free to leave me some comments, link to the site, and/or give me advice as you see fit. Oh, and porn, don’t forget to leave me lots of spam porn links… 😉 Just kidding!

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